Football Oracle Cards

A 48-card deck exploring all aspects of Premier League Football.

Conceived as a divination tool for the 2017/2018 FPL season and beyond, the deck is for use when seeking clarity regarding enigmatic players, difficult fixtures and overall management strategies.

Design inspiration was taken from the concept of looking to the stars for guidance.

It can be used alone or in collaborative discourse with supplementary decks.



The Suit Cards

Fifteen cards, each representing a position on an FPL team: forward, midfield, defender & goalkeeper.

Depicted as Balls, Boots, Swords and Gloves.


team cards.jpg

The Team Cards

One card representing each of the 20 teams playing in the current Premier League season.

Depicted as constellations in a night sky.

hand cards.jpg

The Hand Cards

Thirteen cards focusing on circumstances which can impact points. 

Goal, brace, hat trick, red card, yellow card, handball, penalty, disallowed goal, corner, free kick, own goal, injury & offside.